Flapper Hair Back in Style?

Madonna Flapper Hairstyle

Is the flapper era back in? According to Madonna it is. Getting this 1920s to 1930s style is a little bit harder than it looks. Fingerwaves were a common part of the flapper style as can be especially seen on the right side of Madonna’s hair. Decades ago getting fingerwaves was a long process involving gel and a hooded dryer but now a very similar look can be achieved with a flat iron. It is important that a one inch beveled edged flat iron is used. Taking a thin vertical section of hair insert the flat iron vertically. Clamp it down on hair and turn it halfway. Let it sit on hair for about 5-10 seconds. Then slide the flat iron down the same strand of hair a couple inches while still keeping the flat iron clamped. Now turn the flat iron halfway in the opposite direction. Continue this process all the way down to the ends of the hair shaft and repeat throughout the hair wherever the fingerwaves are desired. It is very important to use a firmer holding hairspray to lock this style in so that it does not fall out as the night goes on. A little bit of teasing can be done on that front piece like Madonna’s to give some height there.

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Adriana Karembeu Hair Highlights

Adriana Karembeu 2012

What’s there not to love about Adriana Karembeu’s hair? Although her haircut and style are both very flattering, it’s her hair color that really stands out to me. While her blonde does look like there is a little bit of regrowth, this can add some depth to certain blondes if their natural color is not too dark (no more than 2 to 3 shades difference). Highlighting the top portion of the hair, as is the case with Adriana, will still leave some parts with a little bit of regrowth. Also if your hair is on the finer side, blocking out the underneath with a darker color can give the appearance of thicker hair since dark colors have a tendency to diminish and hide. Adriana’s dark has just a slight hint of warm tones to it just so that the blonde does not look ashy laying against the dark. Adriana’s haircut accents such a great color. By having the layers, the darker color underneath can show threw without being hidden. Not to mention the layers also give more volume

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Hombre Hairstyles 2012 – Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian 2012 Hombre
Khloe Kardashians hair color is a great example of a color technique called ombre. With this technique the color gradually fades into another color. This is ideal for those that want to color their hair but do not want as much upkeep and maintenance. The natural hair color can be used at the roots. That way as the hair grows out there is no regrowth. Two hair colors are usually applied on the hair using foil. There is usually a couple shades difference between the two colors. So in Khloe’s case the base or roots of her hair is left alone. That way as the hair grows out there is no regrowth. Two hair colors are usually applied on the hair using foil. There is usually a couple shades difference between the two colors. So in Khloe’s case the base or roots of her hair is left alone.

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Prince Harry Haircut

Prince Harry Hairstyle
The haircut Prince Harry has is great for those with thicker hair. It is likely very textured with various texturizing techniques including texturizing shears, point cutting, and even slither cutting. Adding the texture helps to remove bulk in the hair so that the hair lays closer to the head. Using a matte pomade will also help to hold the style without giving it shine but more of a natural look.

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Red Hairstyles – Drew Barrymore

2012 Hairsytles, Drew Barrymore
Date: 2012-03-12

Drew Barrymore’s hair color is absolutely stunning. This golden red hue is a great winter color. Plus it complements her Snow White skin tone. However, the downside to this shade is that red, although vibrant and beautiful at first, fades quickly. Reds are very high maintenance and require professional product and regular trips to your hairstylist.

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Long Blonde Hairstyle – Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson 2012
Date: 2012-02-21
Jessica Simpson has the blonde locks that every woman desires. Her light vanilla blonde hair goes perfect with her bronzed skin. This color is definitely recommended for those desiring to be a light blonde with a medium to darker skin tone. Platinum blonde can be very harsh and bright whereas this vanilla blonde really softens features and always looks healthier.

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Lindsay Lohan Hair Disaster

Lindsay Lohan Bleached Blonde Hairstyle
This is an excellent example of not only a disaster of a life but also a hair disaster. What is Lindsay Lohan thinking? This shade of color is way too blonde for Lindsay’s complexion. It makes her look washed out and sickly. In addition the blonde is still carry some brassy yellow tones in certain areas. It looks like Lindsay did this herself out of a box color. It is way to harsh for her. So make sure when choosing a hair color it will complement your skin tone.

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