Three Girls

Your little girl has such an angelic face, show it off whilst getting her hair more manageable by pinning it up and back on one or both sides.  Start doing this as soon as she has hair long enough to hold barrettes and she will become so accustomed to it,  the temptation to remove them as she grows will become practically non-existent.   Bangs or fringes,.are always cute and sometimes necessary for those tykes that seem to always have hair in their faces and eyes.

When she demonstrates the cooperation to sit still for you, elaborate a little on those high sitting ponytails by placing a little curl all around the crown.  Today’s look is very liberal and perfection is far from necessary.  So if she starts to twitch about, separate those pinned up locks with a pick and make it over into a messy bun instead.  And as this pretty in pink demonstrates, a little ‘grown-up’ look can be darling, especially if she has layers that want to fall back out of her banded hair.   Wipe over these sassy sections with a tiny bit of smoothing serum for control and definition.