Snips and snails and puppy dogs tails, that’s what little boys are made of.   Concentrating on the snips, eventually that cute baby haircut is going to grow out and the fun begins trying to explain that it won’t hurt him to trim it.  Start when they are very young, yes an infant, by turning on the electric clippers every couple of weeks and hovering them about his head, touching his scalp with the back of a comb.  Of course, you will want to keep the guard on during this introduction phase.  As he grows, comb and brush his hair a LOT keeping scalp stimulation going and therefore, his hair growing.  As he develops and his senses get sharper, you can introduce some quick trims of long hair for example with scissors, on top cutting it off evenly.  Or, comb hair down on neck and trim off evenly with clippers.  He will accept this as fun and through his trust in you will realize it’s all good.  Doing this all along will keep him from being alarmed when he actually does have an official all over haircut or clipper cut.  This little one appears to already have a buzz cut and doesn’t he look darling?