Nominations for Grammy Awards have Alicia Keys busy this very evening in Los Angeles. Ms. Keys would probably walk away with the crown from a beauty pageant for we know she has the required talent and said beauty.  She certainly has the look of "queen" here.   When one takes on a radical hairstyle, their looks really get tested.  Features such as bone structure, facial features;  even head shape and size must be in perfect alignment when one can no longer hide any imperfections behind hair adornment.  Alicia has been so blessed with her looks that she can afford to wear her hair any way she pleases.  What any of us would give for that pleasure!  Here, perfect cornrows adorned with appropriate beadwork optimally aligned are poetry in motion.   They serve to further embellish the look of this gorgeous, gifted woman.  We certainly wish you all the luck at the Grammys tonight.  Your hair design certainly gets honor from us!