Phoebe Price


Since our nation’s birthday is a week away, the search for a ‘patriotic" look is on.  Should you be a redhead already like Phoebe Price here, then you are easily more than halfway there.  She has such gorgeous color with soft, large, loose curls. 

Not a red?  This is the perfect time to try this bold, daring color out.  At a peak time with the trend set for this hair hue and now Fourth of July upon us.  There are many shades of auburn, coppers, raspberry, burgundy, etc., available in the temporary hair dyes.  You can obtain these as they shampoo out in a matter of a few months.  What do you have to lose? Just the color, eventually.  And if you decide the complements have really been a boost, what a summer it will be to remember.  You’ll have discovered something about yourself.