Brittany Murphy




number 11


As the backdrop reveals, Brittany Murphy is starring in an upcoming movie of same name as she discusses here with the press on June 20th.  Dressed in fairy tale fashion, she tops the look with long locks of curl of great size.   Larger sections must be taken to obtain these locks.    Should you wish a different look, adjust the section size according to the desired ringlet size.   

An alternative to overheating hair in an extra large barrel curling iron would be to take said section and twist it from ends up.  Spray lightly with either spray gel, setting lotion, hair dressing or wax.  Experiment to find the right product for your hair’s porosity.  For example, you might want to try Boilage who makes a great curl defining creme.  Working as you go with one section at a time, dry section now thoroughly.  Allow all sections to cool, then shake and/or pull on the ends to stretch and release any excess product allowing the locks to hang free naturally.