Nicole Kidman




Obviously Nicole Kidman prefers her hair to be some shade of blonde as ordinarily when you see a picture of her, it is a honey to champagne shade.  However, this writer feels that her skin tone is better complimented by color beyond the golds as often times she ends up with a ‘brassy’ look to her hair.   Even though it may not look this way in person, and certainly her public has also noticed this faux brassiness. we end up seeing it in most photographs.  Lately, she has had such a shine to her face it further distracts from her beauty.

A glimpse into how some different hair colors would contrast her ivory skin is seen here.  She has many shades with a brown base and though the golds are heavily tipped, she would do well with a lighter shade of auburn with perhaps some strawberry and honey caramel lowlights.  All of which should not be too dark and definitely nowhere near any orange shades.