Caitlin Wachs

On July 26th at Hungington Beach, Caitlin Wachs was caught on the red carpet attending the Teen Vogue Fashion Live! Party.  Caitlin’s style looks a lot like the days of long hair from the seventies and I suspect she achieved her look much like they did during that retro decade. To obtain this look for yourself, start with long, all-one-length hair that should be damp, not wet.  Starting on it the night before,  braid in two plaits from the scalp down.  If hair is dense, do more than two braids. It would be a good idea for mousse, gel or styling lotion of choice to have been applied after shampooing to help hold the style. 

The next morning, remove braids and shake.  Brushing or combing will cause frizziness, as will braiding wet hair that may not dry by next day.   Scrunch with a little hair serum for wave definition and to also keep style looking fresh.