That just woke up tousled look is very sexy, because it suggests a ‘devil may care’ attitude. But there is a fine line between seductive abandon and dragged through a hedge backwards. The key is to make sure the hair looks fresh and clean, there is no way to disguise greasy roots or flyaway ends with this style.

Although suitable for all hair lengths and face shapes, those with very fine hair should steer clear. Thick layered tresses lend themselves best to the bed head look.

Despite the undone appearance, this style does require some effort. Straight hair should be rough-dried upside down to create height at the crown – use a volumizer mousse if your hair is prone to flatness. Then with the diffuser fitting on your hairdryer dry the ends of the hair while scrunching them in your hand.

Next you need to tackle the ‘frizzies’! Use a good serum, but make sure that it doesn’t weigh down your hair or leave it greasy looking – remember, the natural oils in your hand will also smooth down the hairs. Those lucky enough to have naturally curly hair will find it easier to achieve a tousled look, but a good serum is still essential to avoid those fuzzy days.

For a truly bed head look, part your hair randomly, avoiding a straight line. Push it back from your face, but allow some stray curls to fall forward framing the face. The key to this hairstyle is to avoid looking too neat.