Brad Pitt


Getting to the ‘roots’ and determining where to start and how to obtain a style is a question posed by many such as those styling questions that are answered in our NEW Forum!  Here we have Brad Pitt sporting a style sought after by many men and their ladies who would like to see them with this messy version for the guys.

Brad appears to have thick hair about 2-2 1/2" in length on the top with all cut into a regular man’s haircut.  Difference starts with styling product applied for strength.  His is probably combed over to dry naturally.  This left to right combing probably follows his natural parting and growth direction.  No need to fight that!  Everyone must try different things to find out what works best for their hair as everyone’s hair is different and reacts different from product to product than their peers.  Brad may possibly wait until hair is almost dry, then blows against the combed direction with a hair dryer on low setting, then spritz it into place with a little hairspray.

Fine hair takes more steps and more products, yet it too can be manipulated.