Melina Kanakaredes


When the gnarls, snags, tangles and just plain knotted mess of naturally curly hair brings you to tears, start letting that short hair you thought you could handle, grow out.  Though it sounds like just the opposite of which you think is best, consider this.  The weight of the hair is going to help the curl relax.  The longer the hair, the more it relaxes.  The more it relaxes, the less it will tangle.  And with some length to get a hold of, you will be able to braid it or pin it up on days you just don’t have time to work with it.  Keeping it conditioned and full of products for curly hair will help even more.  Wrapping it at night also helps you to keep from further entangling it while you sleep.  Melina Kanakaredes certainly has a headful of these locks.  Even grown out to this length, you can still appreciate the complexity of her curls.