Girl with Wildcat Costume


It’s that time of the year again.   Finding a costume for your little one is always considered a true treasure when it’s something their own hair can be incorporated into.  You may think this cute little girl’s hairstyle is either outdated or just limited to a special occasion such as this.  Fact is, as trends come and go, there are some basics that just never seem to go out of style.  And for all the little girls with long hair that are in your life, these basic ponytails based equally on either side of the head are easy, keep her hair out of her eyes and work, yet simply never cease to receive all the "ooohs", "aaaaahs" and, more importantly, the"aaaaawws".   This look is purrrrr-fect!

There are many animals she can become this season utilizing her ponytails for animal ears.  Simply use your imagination.