Jane Wyatt


We lost an icon last Friday, October 20th, once thought of as the ideal ‘mom’ from the show "Father Knows Best" which aired decades ago.  This publicity photo of Jane Wyatt, is dated August 1957 and it proves that short, layered hairstyles do not change much over the span of time.   Ms. Wyatt has a curler set most likely as was the preferred method during this time frame.  Curling the hair this way would be more time consuming yet was less damaging to the hair and held better reconstructed hair shafts.  Loose curls with body as Jane has here, was easily achieved with larger rollers.  Brushing hair out was necessary to lose roller lines all the while utilizing the fingers to mold the curls into place.  We’ll miss you Jane, yet your hairstyle, despite minimal changes here and there, will live on with us.