What do you know about hair bleach?  It can give you a whole new trendy look, but it may not be what you are looking for.  Before you bleach your hair you should understand the process and what bleaching does for your hair and to your hair. 


1.  Bleach removes all hair color.  If you bleach your hair, you will be removing all of the melanin in your hair, which is what gives your hair its color.  The longer you leave the bleaching product on, the more color you will remove. 


2.  You should always use bleach that is specifically designed for hair.  Hair bleach is safer for your hair. 


3.  Use a test strand to time the bleach and to test the color.  Remember that wet bleached hair will be darker than dry bleached hair. 


4.  Do not allow the bleach to get on your scalp.  When you apply the bleach, you should start it about one half inch from the scalp.


5.  Only bleach a small area or section of hair at one time to avoid getting an uneven bleach or getting it on the scalp.


6.  Always wear vinyl or other protective gloves on your hands when you are using bleach.  Wear old clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting bleach on when you are applying the bleach to your hair.  Keep a towel handy as well to keep it out of your eyes and face. 


7.  Make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly once you have gotten your desired level of lightening because your hair will continue to lighten as long as it has any bleach in it. 


8.  It is not recommended that you bleach hair that has a permanent wave or straightening product in it because it can cause some serious hair damage.


9.  Once your hair is bleached, you can leave it that color, or you can use a gentle toner or color to get a new shade.


10.  Bleached hair will be fragile, so use a good conditioner, and take extra care to be gentle with your hair.