Reese Witherspoon


She gets her volume from applied and natural body.  And as she demonstrates, long layers done in twists are certainly the style these days.  Reese Witherspoon may be a well-paid actress, yet, no doubt she shells out a lot for her haircuts and styles.  You can achieve this look yourself at home.  After obtaining a slightly layered cut from your stylist, (one where the shortest layer is no shorter than the chin line or close to it), blow out the hair for volume with your favorite product applied.  Once dried, part where and how as desired, take vertical sections one by one and "twist".  Holding the twist at the end, lightly spray with fast drying gel or hairspray.  Run hair dryer up and down section to set and completely dry product.  The bigger the section, the bigger the twists.  Use this method on sections all around head until done, making sure the front side sections are twisted back off the face.  Having the twists go in both directions makes for a more natural look.   This can be done to all-one-length hair as well though it will have more relaxed results.  Of course, experimenting with a large barrel curling iron in the same manner is optional.  Carefully finger comb and shake your new coils that you did yourself!