If you have long hair and you want a new look, you may want to try braiding your hair.  Although it is not as easy as having someone braid your hair for you, you don’t always have someone around who knows how to do it. 


1.  Make sure that your hair is ready to be styled.  If you have just washed your hair, put some gel, pomade or even mousse in it and then let it dry until it is only slightly damp (this will protect your hair from damage).  However, if your hair has not been washed and it has styling products already in it, you can just leave it that way and it will make it easier to style and braid. 


2.  Brush all of the tangles out of your hair. 


3.  Divide the section of hair that you want braided into three equal sections. Hold the right section in between the thumb and finger of your right hand and the left section in between the thumb and finger of your left hand.  Your thumbs should be pointing down.


4.  With your smallest finger on your right hand, pull the middle section in front of the right section.  Hold both sections in your right hand momentarily. 


5.  Now, with your left hand, cross the left section over the section which is now in the middle. 


6.  Bring the section that is now on the right to the middle.  You will continue alternating the left and right sections into the middle.  It may get tricky with your fingers.  Just make sure that you are holding and pulling the braid down tightly against your scalp, neck or back so that it does not gap and slip out.  If it is easier, you may want to put a hair band around the top of the braid before you begin to hold it. 


7.  The key to braiding your own hair, as with any new skill is to practice. You may also find that you can find some hand and finger positions that work better for you than others, so experiment and find your best method.