Katie Cassidy


With the new year upon us, many are looking for a new look.  No matter if you are searching  for your resolution or simply to wear out on New Year’s Eve, such as this formal look worn by Katie Cassidy, we have the look for you.  This is an easy to do style that first needs the decision for the part.  Here, only the front section is parted off from the extreme left side with the part being diagonal. The rest of the hair is combed back and pinned up.  This could be anything from a sleek French twist to a quick twist and clip..  There are many fancy hair clips available to dress up even the "messy" looks.  Loose tendrils are pulled out on the heavy side of the front as well as a few on the opposite side.  Ringlets could be from a curling iron or done in twists, sprayed with hair spray; then dried with a blow dryer and tousled. 

Should you be the former looking for a whole new you for your resolutions, check out any of the number of mostly celebrity hairstyles in any of the categories to the right or utilize one of the virtual hair styling services offered through our site.  You’ll be glad you did!