Samantha Harris


Whether she’s out "Dancing with the Stars" or starring in a guest spotlight on top TV shows, Samantha Harris always looks great.  She seems to prefer her hair long, flowing and it seems safe to say, never with any bangs.  Shiny, bouncy hair is healthy hair, especially when it shows signs of good elasticity.   Wrapped up here for winter, Samantha reminds us of how appropriate her own style is for not only cold weather, yet for any hat she may choose to wear.    Hats are usually necessary this time of year so style your hair accordingly.  Forget about the back brushing, or any root volume and focus on making the hair from the earlobes down into your choice of waves, curls, crimps or ringlets.   A chapeau is bound to make your hair flat on top of your head so just be forewarned, style around this problem and above all, stay warm!