Looking back on 2006, we saw some great hair styles and some simply dreadful.  The challenges all lie with those working for the celebrities, whose jobs are to make these stars look great.   With all their resources, some still managed to send the rich and famous to the red carpets just waiting to be hunted down by the fashion police.

What follows are the worst celebrity hairstyles of 2006:

Sandra Oh   10.  Sandra Oh 

Sandra Oh always shows up on the red carpet with flat, close to the head looks that show no imagination.  Here she is on January 06, 2006 at the Screen Actors Guild Awards starting a year off with virtually the exact same boring bun.   The only difference would be a slight bump here and there.

   Gwen Stefani   9.  Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is known for showing up in hairstyles that defy modern trends, she has her own unique styles.  On February 8th, 2006, Ms. Stefani attended the Grammy Awards in this slicked down hairstyle, one so tight, we expected to see her brow line lifted.  Not only is her hair color all wrong for her skin tone, this particular close to the head style accentuates the blend of skin to hair color, making her appear bald.

Nicole Kidman    8.  Nicole Kidman

Here’s another actress who’s hair color boggles the mind.  With the many different resources at her disposal, why does Nicole Kidman continue to wear a hair color all wrong for her skin tone?  Her personal stylist should be approached about this and also questioned as to why Ms.Kidman’s particular shade of blonde is always so "brassy" in color.   This is a shade hair colorists avoid as it is so fake and unattractive.  Perhaps Nicole prefers this shade as she boldly wears it everywhere and has for years now.  Here she graces the red carpet on the night of the Academy Awards, March 5, 2006.  Should she have further taunted the generators of "worst dressed" lists by wearing her hair super straight and without imagination?   She must love the color of ivory as she wore a ‘champagne’ gown which too is the same color as her skintone and then further adorns it with the same replicated shade of hair color.

Courtney Love   7. Courtney Love

Promoting her new book, "Dirty Blonde" which debuted in November of 2006, Courtney Love certainly plays the part here literally.  Though some would see this hairstyle as an exaggeration, it does exemplify the look we often see on Ms. Love unfortunately.  At any event she attends, one would be surprised to find her style anything except wild and unkempt.

Pink    6.  Pink

On August 15, 2006, Pink accompanied her husband on one of his motocross runs wearing this brand new haircut.  We expect a punk rocker to boldly wear and do radical things, yet a style like this set fire around the web on a lot of blogs wondering why she went to this extreme.  Quite a contrast to balding men who have hair on sides and back yet not on the top.


Mariah Carey     
5.  Mariah Carey
         picture, Number 6

Mention the name Mariah Carey and a beautiful, diverse voice comes to mind.   Likewise, the image of a head flowing with (usually) lots and lots of curls or waves is conjured up.   This source site has her listed with "The Hall of Shame" and though they don’t specifically state why, we know it’s the pulled tight ponytail on her head that looks as if it were a last minute "quick fix".  This style Ms. Carey wore on August 30th, 2006 to the BMI Urban Awards is not flattering at all with her facial features and structure.
Sheryl Crow   4. Sheryl Crow

On February 8th, 2006, Sheryl Crow came to the Grammy Awards with this half-up, half down look.  The source site states this look is "understated and simple".    Truth is, this look is disappointing.    With all the stylists at  the disposal of these stars, would it hurt to allow them to dress up their hair a bit?  When you’re wearing a formal, walking the red carpet and being seen by thousands who have paid top dollar to see you in person, is it asking too much to see you look as elegant as you’re attire and not like you’ve been horseback riding?

Carmen Electra   3.  Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra put too much faith in her stylist for her arrival with this overdone ‘windblown’ look.   The Mediterranean-Spanish type design of this gown was outstanding yet perhaps it was the inspiration behind the "sombrero hair".   Walking the runway at the Olympus Fashion week on September 10, 2006, Carmen left a lot of people blogging, "what was she thinking?".


Kelly Osbourne   2. Kelly Osbourne

On February 15th, 2006, Kelly Osbourne presented the International Group category award to "Green Day" at the annual Brit Awards.  Being the daughter of a legendary rock star, Kelly has been seen and photographed many times, all with various hair colors and cuts, some of which were pretty radical.  Most have been accepted as cool fashion statements though often she likes to adorn her styles with big flowers, obviously a favorite of hers.  However, when she showed up on the red carpet wearing this faux bow of hair, it not only was ‘freaky’, it could very possibly be the absolute worst hair style of 2006.    Yet it could be a tie.  You decide.

Donald Trump signing copies of his video course, "How to Build A Fortune"   

January 10, 2006                                                                                              

Donald Trump at the Practical Magic Ball April 4, 2006   1.  Donald Trump  
April 4, 2006

Whenever we see a celebrity millionaire, our human side surfaces and we start scanning them for flaws and imperfections.   Being all too much aware of our own cosmetic inconsistencies, we dream of having the bank accounts to seek out experts we can contract to help us with our physical flaws.  So why is it that someone like Donald Trump, a man with plenty of funds at his disposal, is walking around with such a bad hairstyle?   On the surface it seems like a minor fix seemingly not having the expense that plastic surgery or dental implants would entail.  And even if it did, Mr. Trump can well afford it all.  We’re talking about a normal part and a haircut that would show at least some movement and blending of what appears to be natural curl on the ends.  Especially, let’s not forget some toner to even out the coloring! 

He first combs his hair forward so some hangs down on his forehead, then he brings it back over the top.  This gives it that ‘all combed forward’ affect.  His natural hair coloring must have been strawberry blonde or blonde as he seems to keep at least the top area this color.  The sides he leaves natural as he must consider gray temples to be debonnaire.  However, it’s more than just the front side hairline that’s either ash, gray or some dark shade usually.  And it all makes for one strange style.  Whatever Mr. Trump has to work around, he can certainly afford the right stylist or physician to help him with this, categorically, the worst hairstyle for 2006.

We look to the stars when it comes to fashion and certainly hair design is an important component.    Formal parties call for hairstyles to compliment the attire and they should be chic and trendy.  No celebrity should show up on the red carpet with hairdos that look like they just threw them together at the last minute.  With stylists at their beck and call, the only thing they need to contribute is their time.    Even when a celebrity personally does not care for the glim and glamour,  we still would like to see their coiffures attractive and in sync with their gowns, or tuxedos, and the occasion.