Miss America 2007

Miss Oklahoma,  Lauren Nelson, Miss America 2007

On January 29th, 2007, the final competitions were held and televised for the Miss America Pageant 2007.   Miss Oklahoma won for the second year in a row and this year, Lauren Nelson was given the title, the tiara and the thrill of the announcement that she was "the" one.   Without a doubt, she could win on beauty alone as her whole look is breathtaking.  As for her hairstyle,  Lauren likes lift off the scalp with nothing but sheer body throughout.   Her hair appears blown dry and shaped on the ends with a round brush. Perhaps it is touched up with a flatiron for a silky finish and possibly coerced into a ‘bend’ with this same appliance.    Should a curling iron be used to touch it up, it is only applied for a few seconds along the bottom, just enough to finish it off with that big coil.  This is certainly a beautiful, yet easy-going style.