Tova Borgnine Hairstyle

Ladies, if you have been looking for a great, short hairstyle for changing up your look, this may be just what you’ve been looking for.   Tova Borgnine models a short, layered cut with lots of versatility for styling, including this ultra-modern look with lots of little flips.  You may need a little product, such as gel, mousse or both, then simply blow dry up and away from face working a medium, round brush, combing down only the bangs and maybe some framing along the temples and ears.   Next take a medium to large barrel curling iron and apply little bends to just the ends ONLY, all over style from the neck up to just about the top of your head (not top of hairstyle).   Carefully pick out with small tine wire pick from the bottom going up to fan out all these gorgeous layers.  Spray lightly with hair spray and voila’!