Gemma Atkinson Hairstyle

While Americans celebrate their independence, London has a promo where bicycles were given away, and showing up for the festivities was Gemma Atkinson wearing her long,blonde hair down in a flow of waves.  Pinned on top is possibly some stray fringe.  The large S-waves are probably the result of an extra-large barrel curling iron.  To achieve this wave closer to the scalp, wrapping your hair in the iron ‘piggyback style’ may be the answer.  A popular way to perm wrap very long hair, this method requires you to start wrapping the long hair strand halfway up the length where heat can break the bonds here and cause the curl or wave.  The bottom half of the hair section will be sticking out.  You then start back down on the end of the section and wrap the hair in the curling iron up to the point where you started the top.