Bianca Gascoigne Hairstyle

Take hair one section at a time and start rolling vertically onto a very large barrel curling iron. Work wrapped hair, starting at the base of the iron, wrap hair up towards the tip.  Leave in 10-20 seconds,  then CAREfully release the curl from the iron, trying not to disturb it at all, while opening and closing iron repeatedly as you take it out (straight down) of the curl, doing this to release it without disturbing curl.   Do this with about the same size sections all over the hair.   Cool  Comb or brush ONLY the scalp hair (top of the sections near scalp) to ensure smoothness in these areas, leaving all curled hair alone.   DO NOT COMB OR BRUSH CURLS.  Care should be given to pinch the ringlets at the bottom of curl, reaching up inside of it, pulling it down (loosely) and shaking gently.   Do this with each one, careful not to separate or disturb curls too much.   Shake curls and scrunch lightly if need be, otherwise allow them to fall freely and they will fall out soon from the weight.  You may need to apply (very little amounts) of hair wax or smoothng serum for gloss and definition.