What elevates a simple ponytail above the ordinary, or makes a chignon extra cute? Answer: an adorable fringe.

Whether long or short, a fringe will frame the face and draw attention to the eyes. But it is very important to take face shape into account when deciding what length to go for. Oval and heart-shaped faces can get away with shorter fringes, while round or square-shaped faces benefit from longer fringes that can be brushed to one side.

Long fringes also soften scraped back styles and add interest to straight loose hair. And of course let’s not forget that peeking out from under a fringe is one of the most seductive looks in any girl’s armory.

Looking after your fringe is essential as it is one of the first things people will notice. Regular trims are necessary – even for longer fringes. But most importantly fringes should be clean and shiny and completely free from frizz. But make sure to use only a light conditioner on the fringe to avoid build up of oiliness. When drying, also pay extra attention to the fringe. Using straighteners or hot irons make sure the fringe is free from kinks and waves. Use a light shine serum for extra gloss.

As well as a straight blunt fringe, you can opt for a graduated fringe cut at an angle across the forehead or super-short fringes that look modern and funky. And  even curly hair can work with a straight fringe. Go on find out what fringe benefits can do for you.