Some of you may still watch reruns of the sitcom "Sister, Sister" which starred the Mowry twins, Tamara and Tia.  Though they are no longer teenagers themselves, their beauty and style are still sought after by many young ladies.  The ever-popular curly (ringlet) look is gorgeous on these two which is none other than great care taken of their natural hair.  Thinking of changing from relaxers or tiring straightening techniques?  Allowing your natural waves and curls to work for you is not only less stressful for both you and your hair, there’s a whole lot of versatility in styles.  With the "messy" or "bed-head" look being in style, one doesn’t have to worry about their free falling curls looking perfect.  When one side isn’t behaving as well as the other, pin that side back.  Or try a variety of clipping up of your curls on various parts of your head to suit you current mood and allow the curls to fall and be themselves.  Your natural curly hair can have less frizz and sharper, beautiful definition from some of the many black hair care products on the market.  Think about more care and maintenance and less on hair-breaking strategies.