No, the title here is not a typo.  It is the exclusive label for the hair designs of Julia Stiles.  When I picture her in my mind, I still see that long, straight, blonde hair she wore for several years and movies.

    When she did decide to cut off her long mane a few years ago, we had no way of knowing the many different changes her stylist and she would try.  I do hope you enjoy viewing this collection where we can actually watch Julia’s hair grow out as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.   Just shows that when you take the plunge to cut inches off of many years of growth, you do have variables that you can pick and choose.


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    Juila Stiles is her real name.  Her own life was not much unlike the role she played in "Save the Last Dance".  She persevered writing herself in and "wowing" anyone who would listen to her. At age 11, she wrote a letter to New York City’s LaMama Theater requesting an audition. Later, she wrote another letter, this time to director Michael Steinberg of Sundance Films and he gave Julia her first real break by giving her a role in a film called "Wicked".  Many of you already know that she learned to do ballet and other dance moves as she didn’t want a double in "Save The Last Dance".  Can you imagine having that kind of drive and determination?  Would you believe that although she has made probably a dozen movies now, that’s she is only turning 25 next month?!!!  I say ‘only’ for she has accomplished so much in her young life.   And three of those movies were inspired by a Shakespearean theme!  Wow.

    Julia has so much talent, style and grace.  And though I’ve read that she has been known to roll out of bed and go get breakfast in her pajamas, I feel that her beauty and charisma can override anything.  She can wear just about anything and still look divine.  Just look at her hairstyle changes above.

    She went from a short shag-type with blonde and brunette streaks with the upcoming style (then) that has that bend on the end.  The contrast of colors looks like a work of art.  As her layers were growing out and were cut to be just about all one length, Julia bravely took on a red color with some blonde highlights.  Don’t you love it?  It’s so different for her.  She has such a lovely complexion, she can obviously take on any haircolor.  Ms. Stiles’ hair looks so fine and graceful this way.  It’s a great look as it looks fabulous for casual or dress and the maintenance would be almost none.  Except of course, keeping it cut precisely and shampooed, needless to say.  Those of you out there who want an easy to care for style, this is it.  Though this is ideal for all hair types except those with thick hair, think about how there’s no curling, perms or taking too long in the morning to get ready for work or school.  All the artistry is in the color design!

    Still growing out to all one length, there’s more of a "feathering" on her ends for flexibility in styling.  She went back to blonde with a real gold tone as you see here with the straight as well as the literally wind-blown waves.  Though I’m not certain what look she’s rocking now, this last cut shows that her length is growing still and she’s taken back her signature color in a beautiful blunt cut.  We haven’t seen her on the big screen since she starred in two movies that came out in 2004 ("The Prince and Me" & "The Bourne Supremacy").  Word is, another "Bourne" movie is in the making and they’ve asked Julia to join them of course.  Wonder what look she’ll sport in this latest flick.  Whatever it is, young ladies everywhere can benefit from pursuing the ever popular, sensational changes that become, Julia Stiles.