Christina Ricci Hairstyle

Meant as no reflection personally or professionally, we’d like to use Christina Ricci as an example of proper hairstyle placement.  Many things must be considered when selecting the right hair cut/style, such as length and width of face, neck, and head as well as any prominent features or problem areas.  Here a square face and small neck are opposite problems in many ways, yet utilizing a style that rounds off the corners of the face while hugging close to prevent the illusion of a "widening effect" is definitely heading in the right direction.   However, Ms. Ricci failed to incorporate a little height on top of the head  to elongate the square, box face shape, though bangs do disguise a high forehead while factoring in some curl to fill in a thinner neck and narrow, pointy chin, requiring her bob to be a longer one.   This choice has left her head to appear bigger than her neck and that, unfortunately, puts this look in the (soft and genteel) category for Freaky Friday.