In a world, few of us have ever seen, and many only dream about, there are stylists available to curl every strand, pin every stray and make one look like a million dollars.  So why does the guy who has all the millions, have a hairstyle that looks like something purchased from the dollar store?    Perhaps the desire to live a "normal life" keeps these famous fanatics going through all their shopping ventures and trips to the gym in hairdos they’ve done themselves.  However, considering the bankroll these celebrities possess, ample enough to pay necessary staff, it’s intriguing to find them caught on film looking like they just rolled out of bed.  If you knew the paparazzi was stalking you, taking pictures that last forever which would be plastered everywhere, wouldn’t you make more of an effort?  Hollywood is not the same as it used to be when beautiful actresses were always looking prime.  Yet all these actors, actresses, heirs, heiresses, musicians, singers or models are human and bound to be caught looking so.  They can look as ordinary as the rest of us and we can, in turn, look just as stunning as they.  Check out these sad styles, only some of many, of the worst looking hairstyles of this past year.

Donald Trump Hairstyle
Donald Trump
It’s amazing how this guy thinks a little hair spray on his bad comb-over is going to fool anyone!

Kelly Osbourne Hairstyle
Kelly Osbourne
We know Kelly likes the gothic look, however, does she have to always look like it’s October 31st?

Vanessa Bosel Hairstyle
Vanessa Bosel
Poor Vanessa.  She looks like the poster child for "fried, dyed, and laid to the side", a favorite salon phrase.

Joey Arias Hairstyle
Joey Arias
Joey, you ARE the poster child for all of those who have had their bangs cut way too short!

Kim Wilde Hairstyle
Kim Wilde
Kim, who obviously likes to live up to her last name, was proudly featured one week on our Freaky Friday.

Madonna Hairstyle
This quite toned lady makes many trips to the gym every week and sometimes she looks quite unkempt.

Amy Winehouse Hairstyle
Amy Winehouse
Some may be caught looking frazzled occasionally, however, Amy’s BIG do’s look like she’s carrying her luggage.

Nicolette Sheridan Hairstyle
Nicolette Sheridan
We do hope that Nicolette has been jogging or something to be looking this tangled and tousled. 

Britney Spears Hairstyle
Britney Spears
Oh goodness Britney, are these some more of your bad extensions?  Certainly, we ALL know about your bald statement.

Paris Hilton Hairstyle
Paris Hilton
Did Paris use Donald’s stylist for these bangs?   And who wants to guess what she’s done to the back of her style?

Audrina Patridge Hairstyle
Audrina Patridge
Perhaps Audrina started that morning with a stylish lock along the side and the wind got greedy?

Fearne Cotton Hairstyle
Fearne Cotton
Another trip to the gym and it must be nice to not worry about wind, rain, or cameras.