This is the first in a series of Scarlett Johansson updos I intend to post here for you and probably my personal favorite of her.   With the excitement building in anticipation of the 78th Annual Academy Awards Show to be presented on March 5th, 2006, we view pictures from last year’s "Oscar night" such as this lovely shot.   Scarlett’s blonde hair is highlighted and engages a fairly fresh perm which seems demonstrated in its natural beauty with some possible touch-up curls. Her locks were pulled up and mounded in the crown area for height and beautiful dimension which supports her tiara decor.  Straggles of loose strands are not considered unattractive when they are springing with curl or wave.  Her beautiful porcelain skin and blonde to platinum curls are a beautiful contrast to her fire red lipstick and black evening gown.  Rhett would think she was the "belle of the ball".