The classic bob never dates. It is endlessly versatile and endlessly chic. Although it works with curly hair, it looks best poker straight, so break out those hot irons now!

The old-school bob also has a strong straight fringe, best suited to oval shaped faces or those with especially gorgeous eyes as it’s perfect for peeking out under and fluttering those eyelashes.

For a more up to date take on the bob, and a look that’s easier to wear, ask your stylish for a longer fringe that you can sweep to the side. This will be much more forgiving on rounder or squarish faces.

The bob can be worn super sleek and straight with lashings of shine and tucked behind one ear for added red carpet appeal, or loose and casual.

To get this casual style, towel dry the hair vigorously, then work a big blob of volumizing mousse through from root to tip. Blow dry the hair forward towards the face using a cool setting while working your fingers through the hair, this will add texture and body. For a funky style, twist some wax through the ends to create mini spikes.

For high glamour, sheer shine is most important. Use a shine boosting shampoo and conditioner, and comb the mousse through the hair while still damp. Blow dry straight. Use a serum to get rid of the frizzies if necessary. Finally use hot irons to achieve that mirror-perfect smooth surface… and hit the town!