Some ladies feel the only way they are going to have healthy hair is to keep cutting off all the damage and just keep it short, easy to manage.   We see shiny, gorgeous hair in magazines, on television, videos and the big screen.  Our minds become trained that the only way to achieve healthy, shiny hair is to be "in the business" and have stylists at our fingertips.  Not necessarily true!

    Should you have any length to your hair including medium length, you appreciate the extra care that becomes necessary with the responsibility to care for it.   Once you begin to abuse and neglect your growing hair, damage begins along with it.  Said damage is irreversible and no amount of under dryer treatments, conditioners or serums will cure it.  They only hide and mask the broken down conditions.

    Check out the ‘How To Hair Tips’ under categories always found to the right of all pages on our site, you can scroll down to find "Simple, Easy Steps to Beautiful Hair for Everyone"   Amongst the advice for all different hair types and situations, outlined and easy to reference are tips for caring for long hair.  And keep in mind, this goes for any medium lengths with intentions to keep on growing.


    Think taking all the time and steps to grow your hair out healthy isn’t worth your time or effort.  Click on the link source for this picture shown above and you’ll find it was worth $1,111.11 to this young lady.  It took her five years, yet 26" of it was placed on this said link for bidding that started at $600.   She took good care of it, never allowing chemicals.  In other words, beautiful virgin hair.  

    With few exceptions, just about anyone can have healthy hair if you’re willing to go to great lengths to care for it.