Short hair is great for making a statement and unlike medium length or long hair looks fantastic spiked up. Try a retro punk look or go for something more modern like our model.

It goes without saying that thicker hair will stand up more easily than fine hair, but there are products that can help you to achieve this look. After washing your hair – using a thickening shampoo – towel dry and then massage a volumizing mousse through the hair. Allow the hair to dry naturally before twisting each section into a spike with extra-strong-hold gel.

Remember the less hair in each section the taller the spike will be, therefore if your hair is very short go for lots of little spikes. Longer styles will look better with more strands of hair pulled together to make thicker spikes – the idea is to keep a balance between length and thickness of the spikes.

To go for the full punk look, try some spray-on color. These come in wild shades – including pink, purple and green – but wash out, so you won’t be told off by your parents or boss! Despite this it is recommended that you test the color in an inconspicuous place, at the base of the neck or behind the ear, to check that you won’t be stuck looking out of place.

A headband is a neat trick for days when your hair is looking less than perfect. Quick and easy, it adds instant cool and is less risky than crazy color!