Here’s a his and her look that’s fresh and vibrant yet a haunt from the past.  She sports the trendy hair color of the season in a classic bob cut.   Her berry red strands are straight and precisely cut short.   It’s a look that can be casual, formal and everything in between.   Maintenance is simple, tender, loving care as is for all hair.  Plus, of course, regular trims to maintain the straight, sleek lines of the "bob" which was very popular in the ’60’s.  For this particular style, she will have to have her color rejuvenated periodically as it will fade and naturally grow out.  Definitely will stand out in a crowd though!

He has that classic ‘Beatle look’, that’s retro revamped from the ’60’s era as well.  Prior to guys growing their hair out in the back to an all over long-haired 1970’s look, they wore it heavy, long and in their eyes, cut straight over the ears.  What a great combined look.