Dark hair has a certain mystery about it – especially long, dark hair. It says “I am more grown up than my girlie blond sisters?. Traditionally of course, darker brunettes and raven haired ladies have been thought to be cleverer than blondes too.

Dark hair gives off a much greater shine than blonde hair, this is because more light is reflected. To make the most of your luscious brunette locks use a shine boosting shampoo and conditioner for dark hair.

Pure black hair is also extremely stylish and works well long or short – think of the gorgeous 1920s black bobs like the style worn by our model. And black need not be boring – with a wash-in color you can subtly alter the sheen and shade of black hair. A navy bluish tint is very ‘now’ and perfect for cooler skin tones. While a ruby red tint can lift brighter complexions… the last thing you want from your striking raven tresses is a funereal style, the Corpse Bride is not a great look in the real world.

When you decide to go for darker hair, check with your stylist how often you will need to freshen up your color. Some shades fade faster than others and while pure black might look stunning, ask yourself whether you are prepared to commit the time and money to keeping it looking good.

Fortunately, help is at hand, many shampoos and conditioners are now designed especially to prevent fading, so forget that old adage about who has more fun!