Nicole Lapin Long Hairstyle

Dark hair against a creamy complexion is always a stunning contrast.  The healthy shine and sleekness of Nicole Lapin’s curls are easy to do.  Three curls are now popular, one on each side and one in the back.  Wrap each of the three dried hair sections around the fingers of the other hand until you have a completely wrapped vertical curl and pin it into place just like you wrapped it. (at ear level)  Spritz lightly all over curl with watered down spray gel or other styling product.  Either let it dry naturally (if you have the time) or set it in with heat under a dryer, or with the patience of a low setting on a hand dryer.  Turn dryer to "cool" to really lock it in.   Make sure curls are completely cool and totally dry.  Carefully remove pins and let curls fall into place where they are.   Do NOT brush or comb, shake if you like just don’t disturb them.  The talent is always in the wrapping, so if you wrapped them correctly, you will have coils just like these!