The classic ponytail is a great look, but worn low on the nape of the neck, it takes on an aura of sophistication not associated with the high cheerleader style.

This lower ponytail is also more versatile as it can be looser and works well with curly or wavy hair as well as ironed straight tresses. Another aspect of the low ponytail that is more versatile than its higher, tighter sister is how you fasten it. Whereas the high ponytail demands a strong elastic band to keep it in place, the low, loose ponytail can be held in place with nothing more than a ribbon tied in a pretty bow or an unusual and fashionable hair clip.

Lower ponytails also make it easier to allow flirtatious tendrils to fall forward framing the face, however steer clear of heavy fringes as the gap between the fringe and the back of the neck can look too severe next to all but the highest cheekbones.

When blow drying your hair for a low ponytail, be sure to use plenty of mousse as this will give the clip or band something to grip onto, as well as ensuring that the style stays in place all day.

A low ponytail is a minimum fuss style – it appears professional, but not stuffy and easygoing without seeming lazy. And best of all, you can try out all those cute hair accessories – a sparkly clip on the side of the head can be an eye-catching focal point, especially if you prefer not to wear too much jewelry.