Starting off her career by competing in beauty contests, Halle Berry had the typical big-haired look of beauty queens in the 1980’s, but she soon struck out on her own and created a unique personal style that is emulated by many. Her signature look includes a cropped hairstyle that enhances her natural wave and shows off her elegant beauty.

Halle has been in the Hollywood spotlight since she gained critical acclaim as a secondary character in Spike Lee’s 1991 film, “Jungle Fever.” Since then she has turned into one America’s most popular actresses, becoming the first African-American woman to win the Best Actress Oscar for her lead role in 2001’s “Monster’s Ball.” Sometimes Halle’s parts require her to downplay her incredible beauty in order to play a “plain” woman, but on the red carpet, she dazzles her fans with gorgeous gowns, jewelry, makeup, and hair.

Halle looks equally pretty with long, wavy hair or short, sweet curls. She has such lovely big brown eyes and a perfect oval face that she can pull off just about any look. The short pixie cut that she usually wears accentuates her gorgeous face and long neck. When she started showing off this great look in the late 1990’s, it started a new trend that is still stylish several years later because of its simple, clean lines.

In the 2002 film, “Die Another Day,” she portrayed Jinx, the love interest of James Bond. In the movie, Jinx is a diver and investigator. To keep with her active lines of work, Jinx showcases an ultra-short, chic layered cut. Even with cropped hair, camouflage pants, and an olive drab tank top, Halle manages to look feminine. The easy-to-style haircut fits her character’s lifestyle and job – to track down the bad guy as efficiently as possible.

When Halle wanted to change her hairstyle from the familiar short do, she let it grow out a little and flipped the ends up for a flirty look. She also added some caramel-colored highlights to accentuate her dark brown hair. The new look was a hit and inspired many of her fans to go the “flip” route with their own hair.

As Storm in the very popular “X-Men” movies, Halle has the awesome power of being able to control the weather. To go with her superpower abilities, Storm sports a sleek, platinum white shag that reflects the elements that she commands. The silvery hue of her hair is in synch with the complex emotions of her troubled character.

On her website, www.hallewood.com, Halle tells her fans some of the beauty products she uses and offers advice for achieving the best look possible. One of the hair beauty tricks she reveals is that she only washes her hair once per week to preserve the natural oils. This keeps her hair in the best condition possible considering all of the hair products that she must use in her line of work. She also says that once a month she leaves a conditioner on her hair overnight. The incredible look of her hair, skin, and figure prove that she is doing something right!

Recently, Halle has been wearing her hair long and naturally curly. Sometimes, she pulls strands from each side and clips them in the back in a free-spirited, flower child look. At other events, she has appeared with curly bangs and long layers framing her face. Both styles give her a very fresh, youthful appearance and she carries them well. Due to her historic Oscar win, great talent, considerable charm, and incredible natural beauty, Halle is an inspiration to young women everywhere.