One of England’s favorite actresses, who has starred on the big and little screen is on the nomination wagon for a possible Oscar for her role in "Mrs. Henderson Presents".  In light of the Academy Awards, Judi Dench is up against some tough competition in particular with Reese Witherspoon who has already won a few awards for her film.

It’s easy to admire Ms. Dench.   I could not grace her enough with my words that would  suffice in complementing her acting ability.  She is a woman of character and a very lovely one at that.  Judi’s features are refined and she wears this short hairstyle very well.   Not many women can wear such a cropped cut with the hair cut out around the ears like this.  Ms. Dench’s natural ‘salt and pepper’ look is one of mature sophistication. 

Judi’s hair maintenance is practically zilch having only to shampoo and keep regular haircut appointments.  If you are a busy lady like Judi, consider this ‘wash and wear’ hairstyle for yourself.