At no surprise to her peers, Reese Witherspoon has received an Oscar for her performance in "Walk the Line".  She has won several awards this season for her role in this film and rightfully so.


Happy as we are that Ms. Witherspoon has received this Oscar, I was also delighted to see a slight change in her formal hairstyle.  A simple center part replaces the look of no-part as Reese has often had her hair brushed straight back.   She has had somewhat of a signature look so far this year at least when she has attended prior awards celebrations.  This has been to the point that even the media has commented on it.

I am pleased to have found and to share with you these rare shots that reveal the real artistry in an updo of a red carpet celebrity.  Here we see the beauty of Reese’s hairstyle.

          picture                                                                 picture

Fashioned low in the back is this bun with contemporary design twisted and pinned into shape.  It is from these angles that we truly can appreciate the formal hairstyle at its best.  The shot above only shows the actress’ hair pulled back and as is the case many times with these type of pictures, we never really know just how the hair was styled.  We can never truly appreciate the time taken or know just how artistically any of the hairstyles have been done.  For all we can usually tell, they have simply clipped their hair up with a barrette.  Revelations like this restore our faith in knowing that what we see is not always what we get. Our complements and congratulations Ms. Witherspoon.