Actress Maggie Gylienhaal, starred in four films produced in 2005.  She already has one completed for 2006 with two more post production adding to the many other filmographies dating back to 1992.  "Secretary" from 2002, was considered the one film where Maggie really came to light in her debut as Lee Holloway.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Given the choice of colors to choose from for a formal; brown would not be my first one.  However, a unique design created with the perfect material, would suffice in its originality allowing the boldness as this color of chocolate.  It is striking and the shade almost seems to match that of Ms. Gylienhaal’s hair. 

Luckily enough, the need to photograph the attraction of this gown lead to a shot of the back where the unparalleled pattern lies.  When this occurs, we get a glimpse of the updos as this one on Maggie.  Her style is parted on one side and swept back into a classic French twist.   The beauty of this traditional look would be the height it gives in the crown area thereby giving the air of sophistication.