We don’t know who will be voted the next American Idol, however, it’s obvious from the internet coverage that Ace Young already has a lot of fans.

In a time when the trend for men’s haircuts has been basic and short, there are still those guys out there who feel the need to make a hair fashion statement.  Perhaps it is the roots of rock, the legends of music, basic caveman instincts or just the need to prove something to the world.  Whatever his reason,  Ace has a look that makes a lot of young ladies’ hearts skip beats.

My guess is that Mr. Young has let his hair grow for the same reason one of his counterparts on American Idol has grown his.  When you have extremely curly hair and you’re a male, there are usually only two alternatives.   You either keep it very short, or let it grow out, therefore relaxing the curls with the weight of your longer hair.  These same two choices apply to females as well with very curly hair, however, they tend to take other more drastic actions that guys tend to decline on as they don’t want to do all the maintenance.  Kept clean and worn on the right young man, it certainly looks great.  Just ask any Ace Young fan.

Ace with a very short haircut.