Idol fans will be sitting on the edge of their seats when they catch this hour long pre-show featuring these two fine ladies.

Kimberly Caldwell (left) and Rosanna Tavarez are hosting episodes of "Idol Tonight" which will be airing prior to the remaining "American Idol" episodes.  This show will feature the highlights, the low points, how the singers performed, comments on the judges and let’s not forget the focus on the fashions.

Speaking of which, Rosanna and Kimberly both are undeniably fashionable.  Both appear to have fine hair, the difference however, is that Kimberly has some added strength to her strands by the possible addition of hair bleach.  Both women have extreme, though opposite; rad, trendy side parts and some layering.  Kimberly has a funky razor layer cut with definition that can be achieved with some hair wax on the ends.  Rosanna seems to have a little product on her ends here and there to bring out her layers as well.  What good is a layer haircut if you don’t show it off?!