January Jones

On March 5, 2006, many Oscar parties were held such as the Vanity Fair Oscar Party which January Jones attended.

You can have straight hair like January’s by smoothing when completely dry with flat irons.  A slight bend can also be put on the ends with a flat iron or an extra large curling iron or brush. 

In a world where things are "expected" to be a certain way, those things that are orderly and in their place are things that are overlooked.  Considered as the norm, these everyday routines and an organized environment does little to get our attention.   However, anytime something seems to be ‘out of place’, it captures our focus even when it is not the intention.  

January’s haircut has been cut at an angle giving the illusion that it has been cut crooked.  Having been deliberately cut into a design where one side is longer, it is sure to draw attention. Particularly when this all one length style, with the bottom precisely cut for maximum movement, has been cut in this manner to turn heads.  It’s a simple gesture, when suited to the personality, that’s bound to be considered fashionable and unique.