Pure white hair is something many of use will get naturally with the passing of years, but while many older ladies work hard to cover up their white or gray hairs, the fashion pack know that it looks striking and very modern.

Ice white hair is not easy to carry off, darker skinned girls can end up looking like a photo negative. Paler skins fair better, but being light skinned is no guarantee that this style will suit you. Tilda Swinton looks terrific with white hair because she has an innate sense of what make up to wear with it. Bright lips can look amazing with white hair, but smoky eyes don’t work. It is also important to have flawless skin, as matching foundation to your hair as well as skin is a very tricky job.

Ice white hair also demands a funky style – our model’s is perfect. Ask your stylist for a bob with a long blunt fringe and ends that taper in to the jawline. The extra layer in the hair will allow it to be spiked and adds volume to the roots.

Straight hair works much better with white hair than curls. After washing with a deep nourishing shampoo and conditioner – bleached hair dries out very easily, so consider using a leave-in conditioner – towel dry then apply a heat-protection product before blow drying straight. To get a poker straight style use hot tongs, but don’t overdo it as the hair could become frizzy from daily use.