With winter finally over, thoughts turn to warmer days and sunny beaches. We all long for that sun-kissed, healthy look and the beach babe hair that goes along with it. The key to this style is a casual ‘devil may care’ attitude – there’s no point spending ages getting that ‘just off the beach’ hairstyle if you’ve overdone the make-up or look pale and undernourished.

Traditionally blonde, the beach babe look can work equally well with dark hair – as our model shows. Luckily it is not necessary to spend hours on a beach to achieve this style – indeed too much time in the sun and sea could wreak your hair. The true beach babe knows how to protect her hair while still looking like she just stepped out of the surf. While on the beach this summer always use a leave-in conditioner with a built in sunscreen and rinse every evening to remove saltwater.

To get the look without going anywhere near a beach check the shelves of your local store, there are some fantastic new sprays that give your hair the texture and smell of the sea. Alternatively towel dry your hair after washing and work some mousse through from roots to tips. Allow to dry naturally without combing. When dry, spray on a shine product to brighten the look… and grab your bikini!