While many people, known or unknown, are holding onto their favorite hairstyles from the past few seasons, 2009 is the year we can learn to mix it all up.   We have the best of recent and past hairstyles to wear alone, or a little of each, with technology as bold as our personalities to accent them with if we desire.  The young and young at heart always seek the hottest hairdos and there are plenty out there to choose from as the industry has prefaced.  Twists and vertical curls will linger, however, they can take on some interesting color patterns.  Bobs are hanging in strongly with the many different variations to suit one’s preference and features.  All hairstyles can be adorned with favorite pins or fancy barrettes as a decoration, not as a necessity, and we’ll see lots of crowns piled high with teased, back-brushed height.  In general, fluffed out curls and volumized hair will be the inspiration for many looks.  Chalk white and jet black will not only be the foundation tones, they will take center stage alone or with striking intense shades streaking through them.   Add to that bangs skimming the eyelids and you may have the new generation’s “scene hair”.


Though it’s difficult to put into words, there’s a fine line to cross between emo into scene, yet thin sections and banded tails with stripes or ring patterns of color, aptly named “coon tails”, will definitely make one notice the difference.    This next generation wants to make their own bold statement and the fashion world is always ready to provide them in hairdos, as well as in attire.


Those of you who still like to wear their hair in the messy, bedhead look, fear not, as this is still hanging in strong. Nothing looks messier than the Quiff style from the 1950’s with teased, stand up, pompadour bangs or layers along the top front hairline, however this is a popular style this season, not just for guys or punk, yet definitely for the ladies as well.


Red has returned once again as the sought after hair color, with anything from the darkest of coppers to the cotton candy pinks up for selection.  However, all natural redheads should avoid hair color as they will never be able to duplicate their beautiful tones again.   Blondes will want to think in terms of multi-tones instead of all one light shade.  Brunettes are seeing rich chocolate colors rather than ordinary, boring browns or black. 


Worn by most hair lengths, Rockabilly styles enforce the retro look of the 1930’s and especially the 1940’s which we will see on the red carpets for exquisite formals.  The name probably didn’t catch on until the 1950’s when rock came about and merged with the 1940’s hillbilly looks. There’s a lot to learn from these decades and understanding these hairstyles we are copying helps us to replicate them today.


Short crops are back and layers are encouraged for all lengths.  Razors will still be used as well on anyone desiring the volume.  Both medium and longer hair can enjoy the kinks, curls or waves, whichever they prefer.   Updos may be anything from the informal to the intricate, embellished with bows, braids, and big hair.


One particular formal that was seen countless times at the 51st Grammy, and since, was the bouffant size bun from the 1960’s era, worn on top of the crown piled thick, smooth and big atop slick pulled back hair.   If you are not blessed with a dense mane, doughnut forms are available to encompass a high ponytail that you can arrange your hair around.


So make it sleek and rich or bright and bushy, however, don’t let those roots go undone.   Hair needing a retouch may have you reaching for the popular Alice Band.   Checking out all the styles around should reveal a lot of interesting hairstyle choices.   Find the one that suits you best and make 2009 your year to shine.