Brooklyn Decker

Very little has gone wrong lately for the supermodel turned movie star Brooklyn Decker and so when she showed up for the premiere of her newest movie "Just Go With It" we were all waiting to see what look she would choose.

As Brooklyn pulled up to the Ziegfeld Theatre, in New York City, she emerged from the limousine wearing a leopard print dress and a hairstyle that complimented her natural beauty. Some felt that the hair style was a bit too simple but the consensus here was that the soft hanging bangs in the front and the long ponytail in the back made for a youthful and playful look that not only says "I'm not trying too hard" but also framed her stunning eyes. As a stylist I love the way she wears her loose curls while still maintaining the definition that is required. I would use any one of the Top 10 Flat Irons on the market to first straighten the hair and follow it up by using a Curling Iron. Some would prefer to add some luminous hairspray to help hold the definition and bounce to the curls but if you decide to go this route make sure to use the hairspray in moderation because the last thing you need is a lifeless set of curls!