Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington caught here while conversing during the premiere of their new film, "Inside Man".

Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington

Jodie has always looked great in short haircuts.  So it is no surprise that she looks great in the recent trend of a fuller style with slightly turned up ends.  The haircut is feathered or layered on the bottom of the hairstyle only to allow the "flip" to have a gradual definition.  Ms. Foster has had fullness enhanced to the crown and back area, while blow-drying back off her face giving a swept-back look.  The ends, of course, were encouraged with the blow dryer or possibly with a large curling iron to give a little twist-up in curl.  Of course, we don’t want to leave Denzel out.  He looks quite handsome as always in his close-cut crop.