Adriana Karembeu 2012

What’s there not to love about Adriana Karembeu’s hair? Although her haircut and style are both very flattering, it’s her hair color that really stands out to me. While her blonde does look like there is a little bit of regrowth, this can add some depth to certain blondes if their natural color is not too dark (no more than 2 to 3 shades difference). Highlighting the top portion of the hair, as is the case with Adriana, will still leave some parts with a little bit of regrowth. Also if your hair is on the finer side, blocking out the underneath with a darker color can give the appearance of thicker hair since dark colors have a tendency to diminish and hide. Adriana’s dark has just a slight hint of warm tones to it just so that the blonde does not look ashy laying against the dark. Adriana’s haircut accents such a great color. By having the layers, the darker color underneath can show threw without being hidden. Not to mention the layers also give more volume