A successful movie actress since the late ’90’s, Eva Mendes has starred in quite a few films like "Training Day", "Hitch", and "2 Fast 2 Furious".

Eva Mendes

Messy hairstyles are not easily carried off by just anyone.  When you are as beautiful as Eve, you can be dressed to the nines, play up your eyes with makeup and wear your hair as haphazardly as you please. 

Parted off about two inches in from the hairline, Ms. Mendes hair is brushed back into a updo.  Pinned up hair seems to have been left uncurled and scattered about.  Hair in the front has been parted and a curling iron used to "crimp" hair back into a bend on the right side.  Left side was tucked behind the ear. 

It’s a windblown look turned into a formal do that’s come at a point in time where it is not only considered acceptable, it is viewed as quite fashionable.